Welcome to Black Girls Around The World

Welcome to Black Girls Around The World (BGATW), an online platform that aims to share the stories of black girls from different parts of the world and their experiences navigating through life in their respective countries and cultures.

While many of us are united as black girls, our experiences can still differ due to where we grew up, who we grew up with, and the various experiences we go through in life.

BGATW aims to create a space where we can celebrate and connect based on our similarities but also become more informed on our differences. This is a safe space for black girls all over the world – regardless of where they are from, their socioeconomic standing, follower count, etc – to have their stories told in a world which often forgets to acknowledge let alone celebrate us, and BGATW aims to change that.

Alongside telling the stories of those amongst us, BGATW will also run an ongoing series: ‘Black Girls Around The World REMEMBERED.” The aim of this series is to discover the stories of black women who were victims of police brutality and gender-based violence and remembering them as they were, in a world that rarely puts us first. 

Our tagline “Sharing stories of our sisters” couldn’t be more true. The mission is to do just that – a platform for black girls by a black girl who wants your story to be heard. 

Make sure you check out the site weekly for new features and profiles and follow us on our socials – you’ll be seeing a lot more of us!

Support Black women writers 🧡💫

As a newly-launched online platform, we are passionate about providing opportunities to Black women writers - both up and coming and established. Your donation will go towards Black Girls Around The World commissioning writers and giving more of them the opportunity to share stories across the world!


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